Founded in 2015 in France,LUVRE designs, creates young high-quality jewelry collections with our signature 'ROSE'
LUVRE was established in Saint-peres, PARIS by Designer GIO BERNARDIN
LUVRE jewelry have been handcrafted in Paris by a team of highly skilled artisans.
The best jewelry in the world deserve the best craftsmanship.
LUVRE makes for an exceptional gift. Naturally brilliant, the fashionable colored necklaces, bracelets, and earrings have proven most successful.
True eye-catchers, signature the 'ROSE' is commanding pieces of impeccable craftsmanship.
LUVRE jewelry truly boosts creative self .
Many LUVRE designs are modern and sleek, with strong angular lines and a sense of movement.
Whether you are celebrating a marriage with engagement rings or wedding bands,
or looking for other jewelry pieces such as bracelets, earrings, and pendants,
LUVRE has the finest pieces to choose from.
Accentuate the best moments in life with fine designer jewelry that will make the occasion shine and deliver fond memories for years to come.
Besides LUVRE always makes romantic jewelry with inspiration of Paris. We love young fashion people who set the trend.
And we offer luxury gifts & ROSE COLLECTION for confessing your ardent love.

rue des saints pères PARIS
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